the difference between men and women

The difference between men and women can be summarized in this photo. I swear on all that is good and holy, this is a REAL photo, not part of a set-up, I took it as we were walking out our door on our way out for the weekend.

No, that is not groceries beside my luggage. That is Howie’s “overnight bag.”

So many questions, so much confusion. I will try to summarize my confoundedness.

  1. Why, when it comes time to pack, is a plastic bag the first thing with which he thinks to carry his belongings?
  2. Why didn’t he use one of our pieces of luggage or even a backpack? Both of which were readily available.
  3. How can one person fit all the things they need for a weekend in 1/3 of a plastic bag?
  4. What items DID he find most prudent to pack?
  5. Does he feel like a hobo carrying around his belongings in a plastic bag? And if so, does he enjoy it?
  6. Did he choose a plastic bag because it will thwart thieves? They mistakingly assume the plastic bag is full of cheap groceries and move onto my expensive looking luggage?
  7. If not for thievery prevention did he choose the plastic bag for it’s advanced water-repellent properties?
  8. Are all men like this? And if not all, are most? Or am I married to the only man alive who would think to do this?

I am truly baffled by this man at times. Lucky for him, this kind of thing still comes off as endearing to me.

Strangely, amusingly, endearing.


11 thoughts on “the difference between men and women

  1. ahha! My fiance comes over to my house for the weekend with a plastic bag as well! I will never understand how one can pack an entire weekends worth of items in a grocery bag. You are not the only one whose man encompasses such charming qualities.

    xo Leah.

  2. You got to love their simplicity!
    When I was in labor, the midwife asked my husband to go pack a few things for me….he used a cooler…..for my clothes….and the cooler had “Snap-On Tools” written on the front of it.

  3. Luckily, my husband chooses a backpack. But either way – I too cannot figure out how THAT is all they need for a whole weekend!!

  4. You are so NOT the only “Lucky one” – this is exactly how my boyfriend packs! When this happens, I have to remind myself that I am not the one who should be embarrassed….hahaha…

  5. Saw this on Facebook, so I had to stop by. When I saw this photo, I had to chuckle..while I don’t usually pack my things like this for a getaway with the wife anymore, I totally “get it.” I can’t explain it..but I wasn’t at the least surprised to see this visual comparison that speaks volumes of the difference between man and woman. See..for men it’s all about simplicity, unpretentiousness and convenience. Fashion, style, “the look” or those things sometimes done even enter in. This is a great post!

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  7. I am not surprised. Though I would never use a plastic bag-my college backpack works just fine for me. But to be honest you were only going for a weekend, so not much is required is it?

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