Briefing: Online NHL Hockey Pool

A short post to illustrate the progress on Howie’s online NHL hockey pool addiction (the subject of: “the new number one reason for divorce“):

(Setting: Thursday night)

Howie: Cher weren’t you proud of me tonight?

Cheryl: Why? What did you do?

Howie: I didn’t check the scores once tonight!

Cheryl: Hey! That’s right! Great job babe I appreciated that!

(Long pause)

Cheryl: There weren’t any games happening tonight were there?


Howie: No.


3 thoughts on “Briefing: Online NHL Hockey Pool

  1. Hahahah! Nate tried pulling something similiar on me the other day.

    Kait, aren’t you glad i’m sitting here with you and not making us watch the game? I reply, nice try, I know the Leafs aren’t playing tonight. (cute little smirk ensues from Nate 😛 )

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