My Shameful TV Secret


My name is Cheryl Duivesteyn(/Martin), and I am a Sister Wives-oholic.

I became addicted to this toxic TV substance about a year and a half ago, when I had a lot of time on my hands due to a long-distance relationship and the fact that my friends finally had to ban me from their dates. I originally started watching the show because of my intrigue with pioneer-esque cultures. I mistakenly thought this polygamous family was one of those prairie-dress wearing, horse-and-buggy types; to my dismay they were quite modern.

(Shudder) Kody and his Wives

In spite of this, I found I could not change the channel. This strange, annoying, multi-wife family captured my attention in a half-horrified, half-amused way. I couldn’t stop. I started to form very strong opinions on the polygamous “lifestyle,” to the extent that I started watching documentaries and reading articles and books on the subject and religion. Most recently, I have become a regular comment-contributor on the Sister Wives Blog, a whole online space dedicated to other Sister Wives addicts who cannot contain the need to judge and vocally express horror at Kody and his harem of misguided women.

My friends and family don’t get it. Why do I continue to subject myself to something that causes a string of angry judgements every time I watch it? The worst part is I’ve taken a loved one down with me. Though Howie pretends to be annoyed that I “make” him watch it, I’ve come to realize he’s got the same horrified need to watch and judge this show as much as I have.

Howie: Oh crap, Sunday night. I guess you have to watch your stupid show now..

Cheryl: It’s ok, I’ve got it on PVR, I’ll just watch it later when you’re not home.

Howie: (Sigh) Now I guess I have to just turn the channel to TLC so you can watch your show and not get mad at me for never watching your shows.

Cheryl: I’m serious Howie you don’t have to watch the show.

Howie: I can tell you’re just testing me. Nice try! Now I just have to sit here and watch this stupid show with you.

Cheryl: Howie I really don’t mind. You don’t have to watch the show.

(Several minutes pass as we watch the show)

Howie: I really don’t get this Kody guy, why would anyone want more than one wife? I get into enough trouble with just one.

(I roll my eyes)

Seriously this show is just awful. I don’t recommend it to anyone. It is a testament to my gag reflexes that I can sit through an entire episode and listen to Kody’s self-absorbed jokes and his wives talk about how this “lifestyle” brings them closer to God and they just “love” having 1/4 of a husband. I can’t offer any legitimate explanation as to why I continue to watch it. It’s a shameful, shameful, addiction.

One of the perks about being married is that you don’t have to be alone in your shameful TV addictions. True love = sitting through mindless TV crap for your significant other without judging.

Have you ever suffered from a trashy TV addiction? Better yet, does anyone else watch this show?!


15 thoughts on “My Shameful TV Secret

  1. Your hilarious!!! I seriously cant watch it. Though im just as asshamed to admit i watch allll the ‘real housewives’ series!! Cant get enough!

  2. Thank goodness it isn’t just me! My family is just appalled when I watch Sister Wives and frankly, I am appalled with myself for watching that show!!! I would fist bump you if we were in the same room!

  3. I’m secretly addicted to that show as well. Except my husband openly watches it. Last night he determined “there was nothing on” so he just had to put that on. Yeah right, I’m on to you guy.

  4. Hi Modern Wife
    I didn’t realize U had a blog too. Funny stuff & yep when I first started watching over a yr ago, I too was intrigued & super curious what kind & type of women would subject themselves to this type of relationship? which obviously comes with lots of mental angst & abuse & other shitty “perks”….lol NO THANKS!! Because there is no way in hell I’m sharing my husband …lol
    I love the Sister Wives Blog to bc it’s AWESOME! ! 🙂 I’M a regular there too!

    y husband.

  5. I am intrigued by the show Sister Wives…Although I do not agree with their lifestyle it is still very interesting learning about a plural marriage that has nothing to do with the backward thinking of a male dominate relationship which is all I knew about plural marriage before Sister Wives became a series.
    Sometimes it makes me wonder what it would be like being a sister wife, and not having to deal with a man all of the time. Seems kind of freeing in some ways. Also the relationship might keep its edge since you do not see each other everyday. Kind of like still dating in some ways. I would think it would keep the intimate part of their relationship somewhat more exciting because there is always that waiting period….just sayin.

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