(Drumroll) New look unveiled!

I am incredibly pumped to officially unveil the new look of Life As Modern Wife!

The brighter, better, more beautiful (and customized) look is the product of the graphic genius that is Julie from Jubilee Creative. In a most masterful way she took my vague words, descriptions and random clip art which I described as “retro housewife with an ironic twist” and turned it into this!

But Julie and I share not just a client-freelancer relationship, oh no, we go way back; to elementary school days. In a wonderful random way, I connected with Julie via Facebook after approximately 12 years since we were grade-eight classmates. Since then, we’ve both gotten even taller, finished high school, earned degrees, got married, and started careers. Despite all these changes, when we first met up about a month ago it was so easy to pick right up from where we last parted.

We reminisced about old times, old classmates, and how crazy it is to think about how all of us are so “grown up” now. Meeting up with her reminded me just how much of an official “adult” I have technically become but at the same time it was so easy to relate back to that pre-teen girl I once was.

Julie is yet another inspiring millennial gal who manages to balance a marriage with her own ambitions, pursuits and creative endeavours. I highly recommend you check out her personal blog called We So Thrifty where she showcases her photography and vintage finds.

Tell me what you think about the new look of Life As Modern Wife!


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