Brown Wedding Flowers

Even though our wedding was four months ago Howie and I still like to reminisce about it. We look through the photos every now and then and discuss how amazing all the speeches were (especially the one about throw pillows).

Even though my wedding is over I still have wedding fever. I’m pumped be a bridesmaid in my sister’s and two best friends’ weddings next year, I still stalk the wedding blogs, and (surprise) I’m even a certified wedding planner as of last month! Everything about weddings still gives me starry eyes and if I could I would want to do my whole wedding over again (a couple times) just so I could incorporate more and more unique ideas.

As a former bride who has recently gone through the whole wedding thing, I’ve decided to start a series of blogs that will offer soon-to-be-married couples advice on making it to (and through) the big day with your sanity intact. This blog series is called “Wedding Reflections” – I call this the benefit of hindsight.

Wedding Reflection #1: Appreciate your groom’s attempts to help (even if his ideas suck).

Howie will admit that in the relationship I am considered the “creative one.” I had a lot of DIY projects planned for our day from the invitations, ceremony programs, my headpiece, centrepieces, and a whole lot of other things that involved a lot of birch stumps. For the most part I would come up with ideas, ask Howie what he thought, and he would reply, “Good job babe.” It was an ideal situation.

Our birch tree inspired cake

Roughly three months before the wedding my whole vision was coming together. I used shades of forest green and dark plum in all the details to fit the green, woodsy feel of our golf course wedding reception venue. Howie was finally back in town from school and we went for our meal tasting at the golf course. Then BAM!

Without warning, notification, or any “heads-up,” the once dark green, neutral, un-noticable carpet of the reception hall was now a psychedelic, swirly, bright, bold-pattered red, black, beige and grey carpet. I was HORRIFIED. After holding in my anger, shock and sadness throughout the tasting, I was ready to BLOW by the time we got back in the car.

Exhibit 1: Photo of the red carpet

Howie: What is wrong babe? You look like you’re going to cry!

Cheryl: Did you NOT SEE the carpet Howie?!

Howie: Carpet? Why? What’s wrong with the carpet?

Cheryl: Oh PLEASE tell me you are joking Howie! How could you NOT notice the carpet! It’s just awful! It’s RED! It’s hideous! It looks like a herd of cats threw up and then died and were smushed to form a carpet!

Howie: It can’t be that bad. I didn’t even notice the carpet.

Cheryl: My whole vision is ruined! RUINED! Purple and green with RED AND BEIGE AND BLACK?! That is the WORST colour combination I could possibly think of! Actually, it’s so hideous I don’t think I could even THINK UP that combination on my own. What were they thinking?! Don’t they realize that brides select decor based on the LOOK OF THE VENUE?

Howie: They do? Oh babe it’s not the end of the world. People won’t even notice!

Cheryl: BAAAHHHH! Yes they will. It’s impossible not to. It’s over Howie. It’s no use. Nothing can be done to correct this. Our wedding is going to be hideous. BAHHH!

Howie: It’s not going to be hideous. We can think of something to fix it. What if you just lay a big cloth over the whole floor?

Cheryl: A cloth Howie? (sniff sniff) That doesn’t even make sense.

Howie: Ok well maybe we can think of something that will bring the colours together. Have you definitely picked out the flowers yet? Do they have to be purple?

Cheryl: Howie! I don’ want to change the colour of my flowers!

Howie: Just hear me out – so the bridesmaids dresses and everything are purple, the carpet is red – red and purple make pink right? So just get pink flowers and then everything will go together.

Cheryl: (Tears were streaming down my face. I stared at him blankly) Howie… are you serious? Red and purple would make a gross brown.

Howie: Ok well get brown flowers then, it will bring all the colours together.

(A long pause, there were so many things wrong with what he just said that I didn’t know where to start, the following came out in a jumbled, crying, crazy rant).

Cheryl: Brown flowers Howie? BROWN flowers? Brown flowers are DEAD flowers. Are you actually saying we should have bouquets of dead flowers at our wedding?! How would that make it better?! BAHHH! You don’t understand me! You don’t get it! BAHHH!

Howie: Ok Cheryl I’ve had it! I’ve tried to help and you’re just being ridiculous. Listen to yourself! You are crying over a carpet. A CARPET!

Cheryl: BAHHH! You will never understand! I’m texting my friend! BAHHH!

(End scene).

In this situation Howie was genuinely concerned and trying to help me feel better about the red carpet. Unfortunately, I experienced a lapse in sanity and couldn’t see past the brown flowers comment to appreciate the fact that my fiance was only trying to help. The take-away lesson here is that it’s important to appreciate the gesture of a helping hand and comfort, even if it’s a bad idea. It wasn’t Howie’s fault that the venue’s carpets were red, and balling like a crazed maniac certainly didn’t diffuse or help the situation. So ladies, don’t freak out about uncontrollable situations to the guy who is trying to be there for you.

Birch stump centrepiece

In the end, we rented dark charcoal tablecloths to draw attention away from the carpet based on the genius suggestion of my dear friend (and wedding planner) Kate. No brown flowers were needed.

Despite the red carpet, we had a pretty amazing day

Purple bridesmaid dresses

– – – – – – –

Photography credits (minus Exhibit #1) to
Cake by The Sweetest Thing


23 thoughts on “Brown Wedding Flowers

  1. Ahh! Omigod, we’re the same person! Your theme/color scheme is exactly what we did/wanted! I wanted a sort of rustic feel to the wedding – we had the reception in a park that had an old barn and big farm house and I dreamt of manzanita branches and pictures in the open field… unfortunately it rained the entire day of my wedding and I didn’t get any of those pictures and the carpet in the church where we got married was bright green/blue/teal. It was horrible!!! Certainly didn’t go with the brown/green/purple/gold/earthy tones that I was going for! In the end the carpet didn’t really matter – I actually had to pull up a picture from the wedding to remember what color it was! 🙂

  2. Hahaha! I remember how upset you were about the carpet!! And the day of the wedding I didn’t even think about it – did you??

  3. OMG, I laughed the entire way through! I get this 1000%! I was married three years ago and still dream of a second wedding to him….just because! I love weddings too and can’t get enough of them and can also have dreamed of being a wedding planner. That’s so cool you’re actually certified!

    I have also had plenty of arguments about the same thing for our wedding too! I picked a venue based on what the WALLS looked like because I didn’t want crappy backgrounds in my pictures! I walked out of a venue if I saw partitions! How snooty, right?

    Your pictures are gorgeous though and if I were you (and once I had stopped crying too) I probably would have demanded that my photographers avoid the carpet as much as possible. 🙂 I love your color palette!

    • YES! I don’t feel nearly as crazy knowing other brides would have reacted the same. Avoiding partitions is not snooty at all in my opinion – it’s 100% understandable! lol

      Thanks for the compliments on the colour palette. Greens and purples make me feel relaxed, which is exactly how I wanted to feel on my wedding.

  4. I totally understand your carpet fear. There were venues I wouldn’t even visit because of their carpet color. It’s hard when you are super invested in your wedding and something outside your control throws a twist your way. But it looks like you handled it really well and your pictures are beautiful. All that matters at the end of the day is that now you are Mr and Mrs.

  5. My husband and I constantly talk about our wedding and compare it to others we go to (in our minds our wedding always wins). Thankfully I have a lot of friends still getting married so I get stalk bridal shops on a regular basis.

  6. Our venue is going through renovations right now and I am praying that everything turns out beautiful, or I may have the same kind of melt down! Good advice about not taking the rage out on your man. I’m sure grooms every where will be thanking you.

    xo L.

  7. OH MAN! I would have been SOOOOO mad at that venue. How can they do that??!?!?!? I would have flipped too. I would still be a bit bitter about it, too…. LOL.

  8. hmm.. I guess I relate with Howie, I didn’t even notice the carpet.

    Also, I just snort-laughed in the library while reading this….

  9. Bahahahhaha… oh dear. Even though I knew this story already I also snort laughed reading the whole thing again. I agree with Nicole, in the end the day was beautiful and I didn’t notice the carpet at all… but being a bride-to-be I can completely relate to the feeling of worrying that your day will be ruined if everything doesn’t ‘flow’ the way you envision it.

    As long as I have a girlfriend with an amazing sense of humor like you around though, I’m pretty sure I’ll be okay!

  10. Oh, lady. I feel your pain. We are getting married in April and I’ve been thrown enough curveballs already! I am not nearly as creative as you are (and either is the dude) so we’re actually letting blog readers plan the whole shebang. Would love your expert opinion & vote this Friday!

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