How to Save Burnt Grilled Cheese

Howie was coming home late from a night of volunteering and I promised him I’d wait to have dinner with him. Problem was, I was starting to get HUNGRY. So I decided to make a little grilled cheese and keep starvation at bay until he returned.

Unfortunately, I must have become a little too entranced with New Girl because by the time I went and checked on the first side, it was burned on the one side.

Problem? Not for the millennial wife! Seeing this as an opportunity to ingeniously save the sandwich, I decided to document the process of saving burned grilled cheese – a skill I decided was just too useful not to share. Unfortunately, the documentation process resulted in burning yet a second grilled cheese sandwich.

Hey, I’ve warned you people before that this is NOT the place to come for Martha Stewart-esque ideas. I merely promised to make you feel better by publicizing my mishaps.

Regardless, here it goes. Now, for your culinary education, here is the

Modern Wife Guide to Saving Burnt Grilled Cheese

1) Open the burnt grilled cheese and scrape processed cheese from burnt side onto the unburned side

2) Retrieve new piece of bread, butter one side, and stick it (butter side up) to the unburned side of your original sandwich which now has the scraped off cheese.

3) Place fixed sandwich on grill.

4) Throw burned piece of grilled cheese in the garbage.

5) Drat! Now take the second burnt grilled cheese off the frying pan. (Note: Do not spend 2 minutes taking pictures of the burned slice in the garbage, this will result in burning your second sandwich).

6) Repeat steps 2) and 3) with yet another new piece of bread and add another slice of cheese since first slice is effectively depleted.

7) Pickleshoes!* I’m down to the crust! No worries… just butter the normal side and place the crusty side on the scraped off cheese slice. NOW go ahead and repeat steps 2) and 3)

8) Turn down temperature of the stove down to avoid third burning incident. (Which is what you should have done the first time you burned the grilled cheese).

9) When both sides are sufficiently browned, (not burned) remove sandwich from pan and turn pan off.

10) Throw the second slice of burned bread out.

11) Garnish successful grilled cheese with ketchup and reflect on the fact that you burned two slices of bread which means you could have just thrown out the first sandwich, taken two pieces of bread and created a new sandwich instead of going through the whole scraping cheese business.

12) Try to forget everything you just read above.


5 thoughts on “How to Save Burnt Grilled Cheese

  1. This is like a hilarious glimpse into the mind of Cheryl. šŸ™‚ Remind me not to ask you to make me a grilled cheese when I come to visit!

  2. Cheryl, have you ever tried using a sharp knife to scrape off the burnt bits? That’s what I do (often), and it’s just 1 step, lol

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