Too Far?

No, Howie is not a giant. We have a 4' tree.


Howie and I may have finally crossed the line when it comes to Monica. No, it wasn’t when I fabric-painted her name on her crate, or when we started having 30 minute conversations about how cute her little white bum is; it was when we bought her a reindeer suit.

But it didn’t stop there.

Not only did we buy her a reindeer suit, we then proceeded to have her picture taken with Santa. And don’t think we didn’t beam with pride when all the other dog owners ooo’d and ahhhh’d over how cute that little reindeer dog was, because we ate it up.

We tried justifying this nonsense with the fact that the Santa photos went to benefit the humane society. But the truth is, we were already in line before we found that out.

The worst part is Monica hates her reindeer suit. When we put it on her she freezes in position, doesn’t move, doesn’t look up. It’s as if the reindeer suit drains her soul. So we reserved the suit-wearing only when guests come over, and of course, only during Christmas time.

The Unhappiest Reindeer

Are we insane?


4 thoughts on “Too Far?

  1. Aw, your furbaby is adorable! I’m sorry she doesn’t like her outfit. But just tell her it’s for a good cause and maybe she’ll feel better. I love and hate putting our babies in outfits. Love it because it’s cute, but hate it because I know they’re uncomfortable and I worry our Florida weather makes it too hot for them. So I found a compromise….I found “collars” that are festive and not too hot or tight or anything like that. They look like jokers because the collars stick out quite a bit, but they’re not uncomfortable and once they resist the urge to chew them, they actually look pretty cute! (I’ll post pictures later this week.)

    So no, I don’t think you’re insane at all 🙂

  2. When I put footie pajamas on Frank, (my pug) he does the same thing: no anger, no excitement, no movement. I put footie pajamas on too, thinking that we would bond over them. So not the case.

  3. Muahahahahaha! I love it. I love that someone else has 30 minute conversations about how cute their dog’s bum is. Monika is adorable in her reindeer suit. ALMOST as adorable as Edwin would be in a reindeer suit! 😉

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