Girls Night Gone Wild

Now that my pounding head has sub-sided I simply must blog about girls night. In one word, it was epic.

Even when married or in a serious relationship, millennial gals need to have their girl time. If we don’t, we turn into gloomy, moody trolls who start to nit-pick even the slightest of offences from their partners. Moderate, occasional separation from your spouse is absolutely one the keys to successful marriages. Otherwise, you go crazy.

Now, onto girls night.

The evening didn’t start off so well because as a one-car couple, I had to wait for Howie to finish work before I could even start the one-hour drive to my friends. Incidentally, I realized that I would have no time to stop at the store by the time I did get the car to pick up the appetizers I promised to bring. Goat cheese, baguettes, asiago and artichoke dip, fruit and veggie trays… I had big plans to impress with my apps.

Instead, I realized that I would have to improvise with what I did have on hand in order to get there as fast as possible. You know you have good friends when you can send the following message:

Text to friend “Can you ask the ladies if it’s ok if I bring just a half drunk bottle of wine, half eaten goat cheese and half eaten jar of salsa I have in my cupboards?! I have no access to shop without the car and howie’s not home yet, I’ll make it up next time.

Friend: “Hahahaha. Ya I’m sure that’s fine.”

Text to friend: “Oh nevermind. The cheese has gone mouldy.”

Then I sent the following picture to illustrate the spread I was about to bring:

Worst appetizer spread ever

Text to friend: “Please don’t judge me. Also, please ignore the rotting bananas in the background. I swear it’s for banana bread.”

Wow. I could learn a thing or two about guest etiquette. I’m pretty sure a plastic bag of potatoes would have been less offensive than this appetizer “spread.”

By the time I got there the wine and laughter were flowing and we were like giddy pre-teens who hadn’t seen eachother in “like for-EVER.” Only now instead of talking about classes, last weekend’s party and boyfriends, we talk about work, husbands and …. husbands. Then the night took a turn for the unexpected. And a special garage sale bargain was brought out, DREAM LINE.

For those of you who have no clue what Dream Line is I suggest you watch the following commercial immediately. Once the tears of laughter have been wiped away please continue.

Personally, I'd take the nerd. He most likely owns a multi-million dollar software company while ol' blondie is still pumping gas

Unfortunately, we couldn’t actually play the game because no one in the world owns a cassette player anymore. So we did the second best thing and decided to examine the characters and match them up ourselves. It was an extremely arduous decision-making process but ultimately this is who we deemed were the dreamiest couples of the game:

The next morning we realized that we definitely don’t have the stamina to stay up till 4:30am quite like we used to. But that’s ok, because here’s the great thing about nights out with the girls when you are 25 and married:

  • You have so much more material to gossip about when you live with a man
  • You never get ID’d when you buy wine anymore
  • You appreciate your friendships more when you don’t live in the same city
  • You hang out in modern, clean homes which don’t contain the cockroaches, mildew and foreign exchange roommates who leave pistachio shells in your furniture.
  • You have jobs and money to afford nights out without going into debt or having to eat Kraft Dinner for the rest of the week
  • Husbands cook you delicious breakfasts in the morning

All in all, girls nights are pretty awesome.

How do you manage spending time with your “girls” when you get in a long-term relationship?


10 thoughts on “Girls Night Gone Wild

  1. Love this! I remember that game! And yes, girls nights are a necessity! My girls nights are usually out on the town somewhere, just so we have an excuse to wear our cute heels, and it’s also a better way to try more interesting wines. Yeah, more expensive, but like you said, I can afford it and don’t have to worry about eating ramen the rest of the week 🙂

    Oh gosh I can’t stop laughing at that commercial! Has much changed since we were 15? I mean, do you NOT still love talking on the phone and (one) boy….the hubs!

  2. My favorite line is: “You hang out in modern, clean homes which don’t contain the cockroaches, mildew and foreign exchange roommates who leave pistachio shells in your furniture.”

    Look how far we’ve come!

    Can’t wait till we actually get to PLAY Date Line!

  3. This is getting me excited because my friends and I are having ladies night tonight! We get together at least once a month sans husband and we usually go out on the town. Dinner and drinks is the norm for us! These nights are so essential!

    • I’m SO jealous that you get a girls night once a month!! It took us two months to find a date that worked for all of us!! 😦 Busy lives = less girl time = cranky wives = cranky husbands = unhappy people. Consensus….unclutter our busy lives so we’re less busy and can have more GIRLS NIGHTS!! 🙂

      • I do know how lucky I am! But we have a few advantages working for us. One being that we all live within 30 minutes of each other. And two, most of our husbands are friends. There is about 7 of us but not everyone makes it every month. Usually we take turns planning the ladies night and whoever plans it gets to pick the date, then whoever can make it makes it. Those who can’t we just hope for better timing the following month. Luckily, everyone will be there tonight!

        Girls nights are soooo important, as you know, so sometimes we move heaven and hell to attend 🙂

  4. Girls night happens when Hubs is in charge of child care and the girls call me to get me out of the house. I totally forget about the outside world, then am immensely happy to be reminded that a) i have friends, b) they are funny, and c) a night off makes coming back fun. Because I have someone to tell all about my fun night.

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