The Difference between Men and Women II

Time for another instalment of “The Difference between Men and Women” where in one photo, I capture the essence of men and women. Last time we revelled at the strange packing behaviours of the male species that included plastic bags and only one outfit change for a whole weekend. This time, (just because it’s Christmas) I decided to pull a few present packages from under our tree and have you guess which one Howie wrapped. The answer will surprise you in no shape or form.

As always, I swear upon all things good and holy that these photographed differences are in no way doctored, set up, or planned. Howie literally wrapped a present like that. But just because I’m fair, instead of only featuring questions from moi, I’ve asked Howie to explain the questions that plague his mind when he looks at how we each wrapped presents. Now for my questions (ladies first): 

Cheryl’s questions:

  1. Masking tape. Really?! Since when is it considered “gift-wrapping” when masking tape is involved?
  2. Again, tape issue. Why is he using tape lengths the size of a foot? Is there something alive in there that could pop out?
  3. How do people know who all these gifts are for? Where are the name tags?
  4. If all these presents are for one person (he stacked them like this) then why aren’t they tied together with a ribbon to prevent unavoidable scattering of the gifts?
  5. You might not be able to tell in the picture but there is at least 2x more wrapping paper involved than was needed. Why so excessive?
  6. Don’t the wrinkles bother him?
  7. Doesn’t he care about the present looking pretty?

Howie’s questions:

  1. Masking tape is not only practical and cheap, but it was a lot easier to find than the scotch tape. Why waste 30 minutes finding scotch tape if the masking tape is right there?
  2. Big tape pieces are a lot easier to use. Why would you use small pieces?
  3. If you told her the gift was for her, why waste gift tags if you know who it’s for?
  4. Why waste time tying ribbons? Also, if all the other gifts have name tags then I know the non-gift tags ones are for her.
  5. It’s better to misjudge and use a lot more paper, then estimate too small and be left with that annoying 3″ too short piece. Why not use big pieces?
  6. Why would a wrinkly present wrapping bother me? It’s going to get ripped up in like four days anyway.
  7. See number 6 above.

All I can say in response to Howie is, touché!

Also, as always, please tell me other men are like this!


18 thoughts on “The Difference between Men and Women II

  1. at least he made the effort to wrap the gift. Some people don’t even both with wrapping and simply hand the gift over in a walmart bag…

  2. for the past couple of years my husband has gotten out of wrapping gifts… he’s had to order my gifts and instead of having them shipped to our house where I will inevitably see them first because I get home before him, he has them shipped to my Mom’s house and is somehow able to sweet talk her into wrapping the gift for him! but yes, my hubs gifts, when he has wrapped them, look very similar to Howie’s however he does use scotch tape and not in 1′ increments, so we have some hope there! 🙂

  3. I am ashamed to say this… so I didn’t want to put this on a whole individual blog post, but Howie and I got too excited and opened all our gifts last night… December 20.

    How terrible are we? We are like 5 year old children! And now that we live together we have no mature adult to tell us not too…. we are terrible, terrible people. (But the gifts were great!)

  4. I’m definitely like this. I always manage to convince my girlfriend or sister to wrap all my gifts. The gifts they receive are wrapped by me, and they can always tell which one is theirs.

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