Christmas Cookies Take Two

Melted Snowman Cookies

I found the idea for these cookies on the Crazy Domestic blog and simply had to try them out. Snowmen melting in sugary goodness with distressed little faces? Come on. It’s just my thing. Originally I  had a whole plethora of impressive Christmas baking in store, from maple yule logs, shortbreads, misty mints and gingerbread. But that all changed once I decided I’d triple the detail-intensive batch of snowmen cookies and found myself elbow-deep in marshmallows and flooding icing.

Wanting to seem like the most Martha-Stewart of wives (at least to strangers whom I’ve never met) I decided to impress the teachers and pupils Howie volunteers with by sending a batch of these adorable cookies with him to share with his grade one students before the break. He reported back that the cookies were a hit and the kids really liked the snowmen “Mr. Martin made for them.”

“Mr. Martin” made the cookies Howie?

Regardless, the cookies were a hit and the children weren’t scared by the fact that I drew scared, anxious faces on 1/3 of them (I was seriously worried about that for a while). But the sheer amount of work that went into them completely deflated any other motivation to make other Christmas goodies. On the bright side there was no need for me to do any other baking since we spent the holiday juggling between other family dinners and eating their Christmas baking (more on that to follow).

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas. Up next, the inside story on first Christmas as a married couple.




6 thoughts on “Christmas Cookies Take Two

  1. I love them! Those are the most adorable cookies!!! You seem very Martha-Stewart-esque if anyone was to judge you by this post! hahaha. 😉

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