Separation Anxiety

So Monica had her first haircut today. Not in her life of course (she’s six), but her first haircut since we’ve owned her. Her beard was getting a wee bit too knotty and her eyebrows were starting to impede her sight. Now that she’s recovered from her liver episode, it was time to bring her into the groomers.

I didn’t think this would turn into an event worth posting about, but when you live with a grown man who is convinced his mini-schnauzer is the best thing since track pants with pockets an “event” with grooming is hard to avoid.

The following conversation ensued as we were about to drop Monica off at the groomers on our way to work in the morning:

Howie: Are you sure this place knows how to do it right?

Me: Well they've been in business over 20 years Howie I'm sure
they've trimmed a few schnauzers.

Howie: Yes but I want to make sure that they do it the way we
like. Not like that other groomer who trimmed your parents' dogs.

Me: Don't worry Howie this woman will know what she's doing.

Howie: Did you bring a picture to show her?

(I shake my head in disbelief)

Me: Howie, this woman has trimmed my boss's giant schnauzer
before and it looked fine. She left the hair a little long on the
legs like how you like it and the beard and eyebrows looked normal

Howie: Yes, but a giant schnauzer is much different than Monica.
She's more... you know, dainty. (He looks lovingly over at her)

Me: Oh my goodness.

We then proceeded to get out of the car. Howie was carrying Monica like an infant on his shoulder and Monica was shaking profusely as she probably thought we were taking her back to the vet or something. After meeting the very nice groomer lady, and explaining Monica’s desired haircut, we were back on the road. This is the conversation that ensued right before Howie dropped me off at work:

Me: Howie? Are you ok?

Howie: Honestly Cheryl, I don't know how I'm ever going to drop off
our kids somewhere.

Me: Whaaa? Why? Are you upset?

Howie: I'm not going to lie. That was really hard. It actually hurt
to put her in that lady's arms and leave her there.

(I stare at him, not knowing whether to burst out laughing, or
legitimately comfort him, I go with a combination of both)

Me: Howie she's going to be fine! She's getting a haircut! I will
pick her up at lunch and she'll be fine!

Howie: I know but that lady doesn't know her! How could we leave
Monica with a complete stranger!?

Me: She seemed very nice! Monica will be fine.

Howie: I know... it's just that... I don't want her to think she
did anything wrong. She's probably so confused right now,I just....

Me: Are you... crying?

Howie: NO! My eyes water when it's cold outside.

Me: Ok.

And with that I left the car and immediately burst out laughing. Marriage is a funny thing, you think you fully know someone, then they turn around and have separation anxiety over a thirteen pound schnauzer.

Ever been surprised over what your significant other gets emotional about? Also – was I wrong to laugh?


14 thoughts on “Separation Anxiety

  1. You make me laugh so much! Now I feel guilty for dropping off Rookie and Andy with hardly a backwards glance. Apparently I should feel anxious and sad! Please post a photo of Monica’s new haircut!!

  2. There is nothing wrong with a grown man crying. It shows he really does care. But never let him see you laugh. Loved the story. You crack me up!!!!!

  3. I routinely cry watching TV and movies. Often at the same points on repeat viewings. My wife laughs at me every time and calls me a sap. I know it’s one of the things she loves about me, though, so I don’t mind.

  4. Thanks for the story Cheryl..I remember bringing Darby to a doggy respite and cried. She seemed so scared. Nick said to me, “I don’t think you have ever cried bringing the kids to a babysitter!”

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