In Between Moments

Saturday will mark a very special day as my very best childhood friend is going to marry the love of her life in a beautiful, wintery wedding. This girl is totally calm, cool and collected. She rolls with the punches, planned a wedding in five months, and is simply ready to enjoy her wedding. As a bridesmaid I can’t wait to be at her side and enjoy every moment of her big day with her.

Anticipating this wedding got me thinking about moments in a wedding day. And no matter how much energy we brides put into organizing every detail of the day (Exhibit A), it’s the little, unplanned moments that make lasting memories. At some point, you have to throw your hands up in the air and just accept the day for what it is, imperfections and all.

Below I’ve shared some of my favourite candid photos from our wedding.

Exhibit A: My seven page wedding itinerary indicating Howie's hair instructions

My little cousin Kelsie watching me get ready

Popping champagne in the morning

Meeting my dad at the stairs

Seeing each other for the first time

Howie's little brother refusing to co-operate for photos. Hilarious.

My friend's baby in the receiving line

Howie's father Howard presenting me with a "lovely" gift

Saying my speech to Mom and Dad

Wedding cake falling into my chest. Howie's face is priceless!

 Calling on former brides and grooms: What candid moments made your day memorable?

– – – – – – –

Photos curtesy of EBaker Photography

This post is part of the Wedding Reflections series, offering the benefit of hindsight to current brides and grooms!

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17 thoughts on “In Between Moments

  1. Beautiful post:) My Top 3 – #1 Seeing my future husband for the first time on our wedding day, #2 My nephew (mr. ring bearer) horsing around on the grave makers, and #3 My nephew (mr. ring bearer) making it down the aisle with little fuss only to yell to everyone where Auntie & Grandpa were at and my dad yelling that we are on our way – that was priceless! Thanks for sharing!

  2. What a sweet post Cheryl! I loved being at your and Howie’s wedding, it was such a lovely day. Obviously, I have no wedding moments of my own (and if Phil has his way, probably never will! haha) but my at my sister’s wedding, two great moments: me and my 20+ cousins singing “Sweet Caroline” to her as a surprise (her name is Caroline) and when the flower girl and two ring bearers, along with their “best-dog/dog of honour” proceeded to come out, walk up the aisle from the front, and then back down the other way!

  3. 7 Page wedding itinerary! Wow! And my husband thought I was over the top with one that ran to two pages (but didn’t include hair instructions for him – they would have been ignored anyway!). And, your advice to just relax and enjoy the day is absolutely right. We were married in the middle of one of the longest droughts on record and planned an outdoor wedding. As luck would have it, we woke to showers on the day and my husband to be “thoughtfully” put the bureau of meteorology radar on the tv screen before he left to get ready (and none of us could work out how to get rid of it) so we could track the progress of the rain (yeah, I needed that with 120 guests waiting outdoors) . Fortunately, the skies cleared and the ceremony and reception were held under perfect, sunny, but not too hot, blue skies!

    My favourite memories: my 8 year old god-daughter and flower girl seeing me dressed as a bride for the first time and gasping with deligh. Later, she burst into tears just as we were about to walk into the ceremony and my no nonsense bridesmaid stepped up and taught her how to yoga breathe in about 15 seconds flat. But the best was seeing my gorgeous man waiting nervously for me…

    • Thanks for sharing! You definitely need to tell your hubby you were tame with only 2 pages. Also, mine started on the Thursday night before the wedding lol! That is so cute with the god-daughter 🙂 Their reactions are priceless

  4. wedding itinerary = you rock. My inner OCD freak loves that!

    BEAUTIFUL pictures! You two make a great couple! Kinda random, but, you have nice teeth. Which makes for a beautiful smile.

    My favorite memories: 1) Hearing everyone bust out laughing when my mom started dancing like a club rat to her favorite song by Chris Brown. 2) Hanging out with our limo driver between the ceremony and the reception while we took pics. He was funny and bought the groomsmen a 6-pack. He got a great tip. 3) Giggling uncontrollably with my MOH as she held my dress when I had to pee. Thank GOD it was only once! 🙂

    And on a final note, I have 2 more weddings this year and I am SO EXCITED! I love weddings and can’t wait for either, since I get to enjoy them as a guest and not a bridesmaid, but they are two very good friends and I couldn’t be happier. Good parties lie ahead! Hope you have a great time!

    • Thanks for the compliments! My mom (dental hygienist) will be so please to hear the teeth comment. She kinda forced me to get braces in 6th grade much to my despair … but in the end it didn’t ruin my life as I thought at the time.

      Heehee! you lose a bit of self-consciousness when you’re a bride and have to go pee!

  5. I love this! You looked so beautiful and I agree with the great smile comment 😀
    I can’t wait to have these moments with my fiance. I feel like I will probably have a super long and detailed itinerary as well! Yay for Type A (OCD) personalities!

    xo L.

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  7. LOVE the pics! So cute. And Howie’s hair instructions crack me up. Did he follow them?

    Sidenote – I clicked on your Gravatar from your like on my blog earlier, but there was no link to your blog. Be sure and include that so people can come back here and read your lovely page!

    For my wedding, we forgot the champagne at home. And Veuve Clicquot is not cheap. So my brother hustled and got us some white wine for a substitution. All the while, the heat is making my cake collapse. And the bridesmaids forgot to put their bouquets in the vase on the cake table. But none of it mattered because it was such a fun day. We were all excited about hitting up the champagne when we got back from Europe, but my hubs’ mom had knocked it off the top of the fridge. With the other complimentary bottle of champagne from our stay in an Austin hotel the night of the wedding. She felt super bad about it, but we didn’t tell her how much it cost. She had already accidentally broken our ipod and got a flat tire in our car while dog/house sitting. And my FIL ate the entire bottom sheet of our wedding cake in the freezer the week we were gone. I guess that’s a lot of mishaps…but they make for funny stories.

  8. Thanks for pointing that out on my gravatar – link has been added!

    Collapsing cake? Oh my! I love your attitude though 🙂
    Don’t know I would have reacted so well with FIL eating my leftover cake tho

  9. I love reading your stories and seeing the pictures. Things are quite different from we got married almost 37 years ago. Seems like yesterday.
    The funniest memory we have is sitting on the front pew dripping sweat (July 18, 1975, the hottest day ever!: dress with long sleeves and high neck, looooong veil and Hank in a prickly 3 piece wool suit) when my brother passes a huge red farmer’s hankie down the row for everyone to wipe their faces with. Then an aunt from Holland hands us wipes doused in Eau de Cologne. Have you smelled that stuff?! Nasty! That bench was shaking from the laughter. We still chuckle.

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