Something Old, Something New

I have a nifty little talent.

I discovered this talent back when I was planning my wedding last summer and the $200+ price-tags of feather hairpieces in bridal stores shocked the Dutch be-jeezies out of me. How could a few feathers and faux crystals add up to that much? Well my friends, if you put the word “bridal” in front of any product name it immediately increases the cost by about 300%. But I’m no sucker; I too, can buy feathers and faux crystals. And so, based on the pure principle of the matter, I decided I would make my own feather hairpiece.

Using the lace flowers from my mother’s wedding dress circa 1982, I created a dramatic hairpiece that held a lot of personal significance. I had been trying to think of a way to carry a piece of my mom’s wedding day with me so being able to use parts of her dress for the centrepiece of the fascinator worked out amazingly well. For about $20, I purchased bleached peacock feathers, white coque feathers and a few boa-like white feathers from suppliers off Etsy. Then, I took two lace flowers from my mom’s dress and bunched them to form the petal-like centre of the headpiece. From there, I simply eye-balled the placement of the feathers to form the shape and antique look I was hoping for. To keep things easy, I used a hot glue gun and a small circle of felt to build the headpiece. A little antique blue earring my sister gave me for my birthday completed the look.

Sometimes it really does pay to think outside the box and add personal, meaningful touches to the details of your big day. That headpiece is something I will cherish, something I’m proud of, and something that holds meaning. You can’t buy that for $200.


Wearing the feather hairpiece on my wedding day.

What are some uniquely personal DIY projects that have or will add a meaningful touch to your special day?

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This post was brought to by the Wedding Reflections series, offering the benefit of hindsight to current brides and grooms. If you liked this post, you may also like:

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9 thoughts on “Something Old, Something New

  1. Love this! Your headpiece is gorgeous! I made my own ring bearer pillows because I had 2 and I refused to spend $50 on something that would only be used for 2 minutes. I think they came out great. I also had a cool “something old.” My dad had a diamond tie tack and after he died, my mom had it made into a necklace for me. It was simple and understated and I think it went great with my dress. But your headpiece is truly stunning, and that it’s hand-made is even more awesome 🙂

  2. What a beautiful headpiece. I would have loved something like this! (But then, I was married in 1988, and the whole floral headband thing was going strong then!) Stopped by from SITS. Have a great day!

  3. wow, good for you!!! I’m planning for my wedding right now and I’ve been just so annoyed at how the wedding industry just tried to rip $120 off of me for a bunch of fresh (ie environmentally unfriendly) bouquet of flowers JUST for the photo shoot. It’s kind of ridiculous if you think about it. You use it for that one day, and then the flowers will die. My mom has been turning into momzilla, and insisted that we absolutely need it. In the end, we compromised on silk flowers.

    My DIY so far is the wedding cake topper : )

  4. First time poster, long time lurker. I made my own wedding gown. Saw what I wanted in a magazine, went to the ’boutique’ to try it on dressed in tracksuit pants. The sales woman told me when I asked to try it on, ‘it’s very expensive!’ It was, $5000 back in the late 90s, but who was she to judge that I didn’t have enough money to purchase it based on my attire that day? It pissed me off, so while trying it on, I looked at how it was constructed. Got a friend who is a pattern maker to make the pattern for me and even though I mucked up the sleeves, which were made out a $120 piece of guipure lace that I had to replace, the gown cost me $300. I still get compliments on the gown when I show people my wedding photos.

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