Questionable Readers

It’s Friday! Can’t wait for the weekend to start. I’ve got a big To Do list going with my planned bedroom makeover. Carpentry, sewing, and painting are all on the agenda, Howie’s going to love me for this. Since we can all use a laugh on Friday, I thought I would share the following experience related to blog management.

Every so often I like to take a little peek at my blog stats and see what kind of sites and search terms are bringing people to my blog. Most come from facebook, twitter, and other blogs I place comments on but there are a handful of visitors that find me through random Google search terms.

So you must understand I was a little taken aback when the following list of Google search terms popped up as the mode to which I gained new visitors.

“Burning boobs”? “Wife go wild”? “Bloodshot spot in my eye” twice? How are these people finding me? And what foreign term is that last one?

Thank you random Google searchers, for making me laugh, feel slightly repulsed, and oddly intrigued all at the same time! I think I will name this new emotion, “repulaughtrigue.”

Ten points to the person who can interpret the foreign search term! (Or just think of a really awesome possible interpretation).


9 thoughts on “Questionable Readers

  1. Hi,
    It certainly makes you wonder sometimes what people are thinking when they are searching for something, love the “burning boobs” the mind boggles. 😀

  2. Immediately after reading this I had to check my search terms… the strangest ones were porn pie and turkey leg – not quite as strange as burning boobs!
    Thanks for the funny post! 😀

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