Boeterkoek Craving

I was feeling nostalgic and craving sweets at the same time so I decided to bake up something I remembered fondly in my childhood: boeterkoek. Boeterkoek is a standard Dutch gebakje (baked good) which directly translated means “butter cake.” As with many Dutch treats, the almond extract is one of the defining flavours. The crispy top made possible by the brushing of an egg yolk before baking and the moist centre make the boeterkoek one of my all time favourite companions to a good coffee break. The recipe I used can be found here.

Howie: Looks good babe! 

Cheryl: Thanks.

Howie: You know what would make this even better?

Cheryl: (coughs) Ummm... better? Howie this recipe is a family
heirloom how dare you suggest there's something wr-

Howie: If you put fruit and whip cream on it.

Cheryl: Fruit and whip cream? What? Howie you are just supposed to 
eat it as is. We've never put fruit and whip cream on boeterkoek.

(Howie proceeds to put fruit and whip cream on his slice)

Cheryl: Pass me that fruit and whip cream.

Howie: I don't think so. You said you didn't want any.

Cheryl: Just pass it over. I have to "test" it. Just to prove this
recipe is perfect the way it is.

(I taste it, it's unbelievably delicious)

Howie: Good eh?

Cheryl: It's alright.

Dang it. He has managed to improve a perfect Dutch dessert. Why didn’t I think of that? I highly suggest you add some fruit and a little whip cream to your boeterkoek.


5 thoughts on “Boeterkoek Craving

  1. I LOVE boeterkoek!! YUMMM ….think I’ll have to try making some of my own, instead of waiting for it to be served at the next major family gathering…lol.

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