Calling all Grandmas!

Life As Modern Wife is looking for 10 fabulous 65+ year old women who would like to be part of the new and exciting…


The Retro Wife Project is a new essay series in which I will interview young-at-heart senior women about love, life, marriage, and family. As a self-described hobby-historian, I have been intrigued by the evolving roles and expectations regarding women and societies for a long time. It is my hope that this series will bring an element of sharing, learning and appreciation for women of past generations who have been there and done that long before us millennials. There is a lot to learn from each other!

Here is what I’m looking for in my Retro Wives:

  • 65 years or older
  • Married, or was married at some point in her life
  • Willing to discuss somewhat personal details about her life including: early family life, education and/or career endeavours, dating life, wedding, marriage, family, managing a household, etc.
  • Able to submit two photos: one photo from her younger years (under 30, perhaps a wedding photo) and one recent photo (photos can be scanned, they do not need to be originals)

How to become or nominate a Retro Wife:

  • If you are (or know) a woman 65+ years and older who would like to share life experiences and be featured on the Life As Modern Wife blog, fill out and submit a brief form by July 16, 2012 by clicking here!

Can’t wait to begin this project! Ultimately I am hoping to present a wide range of diverse stories and experiences. Have questions? Please post a reply or contact me here.


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