The Difference Between Men and Women III

Oh yes. It’s back by popular demand. The Modern Wife’s introspection into some of the most head-scratching differences between men and women as discovered through extensive research and observation of the male species. Well, the male species as observed in one specimen, namely my husband Howard.

So one would think that a date night at the movies would be easy right? I mean, in nearly ten years of having a relationship we’ve probably seen hundreds of movies together. However, the longer I’ve been with Howie, the tougher I’m finding it to compromise on our movie selections. It’s as if the longer we’ve been together, and the more “comfortable” he gets, the less likely he is to watch a chick flick with me. What’s up with that?

Travel back to December 2002 and you will find a sweet, caring, ever-so-eager-to-please 16 year old Howie who couldn’t be happier to escort his girlfriend of one month to Maid in Manhattan.  Fast forward about 9.8 years and into 11 months of marriage and you have a 26 year old Howard who dragged his wife not once, but twice to see Avengers in the theatre without even repaying the favour with a subsequent chick flick. Oh the humanity!

Chart A:  Howie & Cheryl's Movie-Watching Situation

Chart A: Howie & Cheryl’s Movie-Watching Situation

So with the final instalment of the Dark Knight series coming out this Friday you can imagine my “delight” to see yet another lame action movie based on comic book characters. My attitude is not sitting well with Howie, he is appalled at my lack of enthusiasm and can’t even fathom why I’m not pleased to be lining up 1.5 hours before the movie even starts.

After failing to pre-order his precious movie passes online due to an internet issue, Howie decided to drag me to the actual movie theatre on a Tuesday night so he could buy them ahead of time for this Saturday.

Cheryl: Hey! Since I’m going to see Dark Knight with you Saturday, why don’t we go and see Katy Perry’s movie tonight?

Howie: (Loud laughter) Yah right! I would never go see that movie! Why would you even want to see it?

Cheryl: I don’t know, it looked kind of fun… plus it reveals how her divorce with Russell Brand went down!

Howie: No way Cheryl. I could never see that movie.

Cheryl: Funny how you drag me around to watch your lame movies but you won’t even see one movie I want to see!

Howie: (Gasps, struggling for air) LAME movie Cheryl? I hope you are kidding. Dark Knight is probably going to be the most successful movie of all time. Have you even watched the previews? It’s sick! It’s going to be awesome!

Cheryl: On a scale of one to ten on how excited I am to see that movie, I’m probably a two.

Howie: (Gasps, shocked) Two?! You are only excited at a two level?!?

Cheryl: It would probably be a low one if it weren’t for the frozen yogurt.

Howie:  I do not understand your taste in movies at all.

Cheryl: Well it’s way better than your taste. Remember how awful Avengers was? What was that? Some evil “moon-prince” wanted to make people bow down to his glowing sceptre? So lame.

Howie: (Coughs) Ummm… well millions of people agree with me Cheryl. It made the most money of all time, and it’s record is only going to be broken by the Dark Knight.

Cheryl: Just because millions of teenage boys also go to the same movies you do, does not mean you have good taste. This is the same audience that made Sponge Bob famous.

Howie: Whatever Cheryl. Clearly I have the better taste in movies. Yours are all the same. Couple falls in love, they have a problem, and then oh look! They end up together.

Cheryl: Not all the time, in The Vow it was left unclear whether they end up together!

Howie: Oh The Vow was one of the worst of them! You only like it because of that Tating Channum guy!

Cheryl: It’s Channing Tatum, and no, I don’t like the movie because of him.

Howie: Well I’m just as good looking as him anyway. Those girls of yours thought I looked exactly like him … (smirks)

Cheryl: Howie my girls’ group was standing like 100 feet away from you and couldn’t see that clearly. Plus, they were like thirteen years old.

Howie: Still…. (checks himself out in the mirror)

Exhibit B: Channing Tatum vs. Howie Martin (personally I prefer the one on the right)

At that point we had arrived at the theatre and Howie went in to buy the Dark Knight tickets for Saturday. He came out holding them as if they were the Holy Grail or something then placed them carefully in the centre console of our car. I will go and see Dark Knight with Howie. But he’s going to have to return the favour. It’s only fair.

I’m going to make him watch something so ridiculously sappy he’s going to be wishing he had agreed to Katy Perry. Yes… (evil laugh)… some sort of historically-set romance, preferably in 18th century England…with accents….and Colin Firth….

Are there any lucky ones out there who share their significant other’s taste in movies?!

– – – – – – – –

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18 thoughts on “The Difference Between Men and Women III

  1. lmao, oh Cheyl, you make me laugh!! I highly enjoyed the back and forth commentary! Howe definitely needs to return the favour!

    Klay and I put up with eachother’s movie tastes…we tend to take turns picking what we’re going to see (although some are better to see with girlfriends…aka Magic Mike…). I’m not willing to see horror movies though, and although I know Klay would love to see them, he doesn’t try to convince me….most of the time 😉

  2. I’m sort of lucky because my hubs and I do share similar taste in movies. Funny enough, though, he is not into superhero movies and only wants to see the Avengers because his friends sold him on it. But we both love action, sci-fi, mystery, horror, dramas, and surprisingly, he likes a good romantic comedy. He loves all those bang-bang shoot ’em up movies, which I hate. And I love political commentaries like “The Help” and similar girlie movies with a message, and he does not.

    But I DEFINITELY agree that it’s your turn to pick and you should drag his butt to see the movie of YOUR choice and he should be just as gracious as you are and not complain about it ONE BIT! Marriage is about give and take and you certainly won’t always agree, but it definitely sounds like you’re doing more sacrificing than he is when it comes to movies! It’s his turn to be open minded! Sorry Howie!

    And I’m sorry, but I have to confess…I don’t understand the whole obsession with Channing Tatum. Sure, he’s good looking, but he’s a little too pretty-boy for my taste. Is there something I’m missing? Your hubs is definitely better looking! No offense to Channing Tatum….

  3. We do not always share the same taste in movies. One year for my mother’s day present he suggested we could watch Pride and Prejudice together. He did not realize that the BBC version is over 5 hours. Nevertheless, he persisted and in the end said there were even some things he liked about it. After that I am definitely obligated to watch some of his movies (though I draw the line at war or horror movies!). Good luck.

  4. You’re hilarious! And you will be glad to know that the Toronto Star gave the new Batman movie 4 out of 4 stars! Let me know what you think of it.

  5. this reminds me of the time I got dragged out to the ‘best movie of all time’, which ended up to be ‘gladiator’. he thought I was going to be soooo impressed and actually looked dismayed when I told him I didn’t like to see bloody violent men rip each other apart. (same thing happened when he asked me to see alien/war movies).

  6. Haha! We’re headed to see the same movie this weekend… part of our wedding anniversary celebrations, of all things! But I’m a willing participant; for some reason I’ve got a thing for winged men and explosions. We keep things balanced, though — my husband is a moderate fan of all things Jane Austen/Anne of Green Gables. Have fun! Also, your blog is very entertaining. Thank you.

  7. Haha! Matt and I are very lucky in that superhero movies are the safety choice for us. I actually loved the Avengers! Although I feel like I bend a little more to his tastes than mine, as I watch ALOT of TV on the History Channel. That said, he does put up with a fair amount of HGTV. Oh, compromise.

  8. I have to say that I can watch some admittedly lame movies (Step Up 1 through a dillion or whatever they’re on now) and my hubs will watch them with me…at home. But I will watch the heck out of comic book movies. I think it had to do with having a brother because I’m PUMPED about Batman! And Avengers was pretty funny, even not having seen the prequels. I don’t like, however, the scary movies, which Hubs will put on his top 10 list. So we choose to see our version of the crappy movie separately from each other. Either with friends, or home alone when they come out of the theaters.

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