Blog Series

From time to time I become inspired about a particular topic and just have to write more than one post about it. This is where you can easily find these collections of blog series.

Long Distance Survival Guide

Having successfully survived a lengthy long-distance relationship I’m offering light-hearted advice about how other couples can do the same.

Lesson One: Don’t Get Crazy
Lesson Two: How to Get Through the Pain of Missing Him

Wedding Reflections

Even though my wedding has come and gone, I’m still hooked on the wedding scene as a bridesmaid, assistant wedding coordinator for The Little White Dress, and avid wedding blog stalker. This series of blogs offers the benefit of hindsight to couples going through the wedding planning process right now.

Brown Wedding Flowers: Appreciate the help (even if it sucks)
Oversized Novelty Popcorn Machine: Tackling the registry
In Between Moments: Candid photography
Something Old, Something New: Creating a feather hairpiece

Retro Wife Project

COMING SOON: After interviewing senior women about their experiences as wives in decades past, I share the wisdom, advice, laughter and insights that results from taking the time to learn from older generations.

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