Wow! People other than my mom read this!

It’s always a welcome surprise when I’m reminded that my little ol’ blog is actually enjoyed by people other than my mother. I’m truly flattered by the following mentions and external features, thank you for your readership!

ModernWife is always open to swapping guest blogging opportunities. Contact me here!

Featured Blogger: SITS Girls

It was a pleasure to be one of the featured bloggers in this 40,000+ strong women’s blogging network! Check out the featureĀ here!

Featured Blogger: Nugglemamma’s Handful

After admiring this fellow Canadian’s savvy and super successful blog for some time, I was tickled pink to be chosen as one of her featured Canadian bloggers!

Guest Blogger: Lesley Carter’s Bucket List Publications

This woman is a blogging wizard, after her highly successful travel blog exploded with followers, she decided to start outsourcing some of the travel adventure articles. I was delighted she wanted to feature my Peruvian volunteer trip as one of the very first guest bloggers!

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