Oh the lovely Renaissance hub of Florence. All the great artists and thinkers lived and worked in Florence at some point in their lives. (Think back to the Ninja Turtles and you’ll be able to name most of these artists). Howie and I got to spend a lovely afternoon in Florence one sunny day on our honeymoon. We were enchanted by the Douma (you may recognize it from Jersey Shore… not that I watch that show) the third largest cathedral in Europe, the canal, and the famous bridge where goldsmith shops sprung up hundreds of years ago and became permanent fixtures.

The famous goldsmith bridge

With lines too long to get into the museum where the famous (real) David statue by Michaelangelo was held, we had to settle for a leisurely town stroll, replica statues, delicious gelato, and street artists. In my opinion, we had just as much fun.

Things to know about visiting Florence:

  • It’s a 30 minute drive from Pisa so see both sites in one day if you have limited time
  • The famous goldsmith and jewellery shop lined bridge was the only bridge in the city that was not bombed in World War II. Apparently the German commander was a great lover of the arts and declared it would be wrong to destroy it
  • The Douma is one of the most interesting and different looking cathedrals you will find in Europe. It is free to get in but the lines are long.
  • Buy any museum tickets ahead of time, otherwise you need to be prepared to wait to get in. If you join a tour group you will be able to skip the entry lines even if you didn’t buy a ticket ahead of time
  • Florence is famous for it’s leather – a craft that has been honed for centuries. If you want to splurge on a great souvenir, I would suggest a nice leather coat or boots
  • Walk. The city is relatively condensed and you can see everything by walking. If you are too tired, hot, or have physical disabilities there are a lot of horse and buggy rides available

Enjoying gelato

Replica of David

So inappropriate

The Douma cathedral

Student from the city's art school

Artist I bought a watercolour painting fro

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