Meet the Cast

Italy + honeymoon + husband by my side + world's best gelato = perfect moment

About Me: I am not perfect. I’m the kind of girl that has flushed glasses down the toilet, lost three coats in one winter, knows exactly how many kilometers I can get when the gas gauge reads empty, and sometimes, when no one is watching, I wipe my nose with the inside of my sweater. Actually, let’s be honest, sometimes people are watching. I completed six years of post-secondary education and still don’t know what I want to be when I “grow up” and, though this is truly terrible, I once slept through a live David Suzuki lecture. I always seem to have a messy room, messy car, and despite claiming it’s intentionally windswept, messy hair. I love to laugh, especially at myself, but the very best movies make you cry. I am forever a optimist, comedian, forgetter of personal possessions, and I’m probably the last person who would ever claim to be an expert on marriage. Despite all this, here I am, writing a blog for those young women, who like me, wonder how in the world am I going to manage the sacred union of husband and wife when I can barely manage to shave my legs?

At 25 years old, I married my very best friend, high school sweetheart, and love of my life. (Just to clarify those things are referring to one person). Having completed both a bachelor and masters degree in business from the University of Waterloo, I’ve been a driven, academically-oriented, and independent young woman for the past several years while my then-boyfriend/fiance/now husband played hockey and went to school out of province. Now that our lives have finally joined together, I’m facing an onslaught of questions that I know other young brides and wives wonder as well. It is my mission to answer these questions, and laugh along the way.

About Him: Some credit must be given to my leading man, Howie, for without whom I would not be a wife. Howie and I first became friends in Grade 10 Outdoor Education Class. I helped him paint his canoe paddle and he (slightly creepily in a 15-year-old-boy-way) tried to hit on me, repeatedly. It wasn’t until he was drafted into the Ontario Hockey League and moved four hours up north to Sudbury that I realized I kind of missed the guy. From there, a long-distance relationship blossomed. For the next seven years we were cities, provinces and at one point countries apart. Growing up as adults but growing closer togetheras a couple. Finally one Christmas break (while I was still wearing my Swiss Chalet uniform .. grrrr) he got down on one knee and asked “Wil ye met me trouwen?” And I said yes.

Howie’s good at pretty much all sports, he’s a staunch Conservative, has a beyond abnormal passion for Survivor, loves pizza, and considers any pants without an elastic band “dressing up.”

Howie thinks I could be prime minister if I learned French.

I think he’s amazing.

About Monica: Monica is our furry miniature schnauzer whom we adopted three months into our marriage. At six years old Monica was retired from puppy-breeding and is looking forward to the second half of her life where she can finally be the centre of attention. She shares a telepathic connection with Howie, who speaks for her in a high-pitched, Gingy-like voice (from Shrek). Amazingly, she has very similar likes and interests as Howie, and often speaks up for him during our little disagreements. Monica likes to cuddle, stand on her two back legs, chase her stuffed rat toy, and hide her chewed up, moist, rawhide bone in clean laundry. We are convinced she is the cutest, sweetest, most well-behaved dog in the entire world. We are not biased in the least.

10 thoughts on “Meet the Cast

  1. Cheryl…this reminds me of the movie Julie and Julia..maybe one day we will see your story on the big screen. Great reading, you are truly talented!

      • I got married two years ago at 25, and I honestly had no clue what in the world I was doing, especially because I had never lived with anyone other than my parents before my wedding night. I learned quickly, but there were so many unanswered questions! I’m still learning, and married life is definitely a journey! I look forward to reading more from you!

  2. I am a 30 something, recently married to a part Dutch and I also find myself searching for answers on marriage, motherhood (step-mom) and as a wife. I enjoyed reading your blog!

  3. Hi! Your blog name got me interested, your mini schnauzer made me stay. I have two of my own 🙂 Looking forward to reading your blog.

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