Millionaire’s Playground

Monte Carlo harbour view from the Palace

Monaco is a wee little gem of a country that gained international attention when American film actress Grace Kelly left Hollywood to marry Monaco’s Prince Rainier III in 1956. It’s capital city Monte Carlo is exotic, exciting, and one of the must-see stops when you’re in the French Riviera. Howie and I had just one day to explore Monaco as a port on our cruise, but we made the most of our time and felt like millionaire rockstars as we walked the impeccably clean and beautiful streets of Monaco. Deciding to spend our time near the yacht-filled harbour and royal palace, we didn’t end up seeing Monaco’s most famous attraction, the Monte Carlo Casino.

One single guard walking back and fro in front of the palace

Getting tangled in an octopus at the Naval Museum

Statue of Grimwaldi, the man who impersonated a monk and infiltrated the palace to start his own line of royalty. Not to be confused with the maker of fine wands.

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